Episode 1: The Memory of Steel

Celebration: The Champions of Meher

The adventurers settled into the Harvest’s atmosphere by browsing vendors and exploring the various events offered. They began gathering information about the competitions offered by chatting with Arlyn at the Inn. Arlyn provided some basic information about the four main events offered this year; The Feats of Strength, Ye Olde Shot of the Moon, The Archery competition and the Joust. He concluded the conversation with details of how the these event winners will compete in The Champions of Meher. Intrigued by The Feats of Strength all three of the adventurers made there way over to the arena.

While Victor, Merrin and Denon spent time listening to the “uncanny” conversation with Arlyn, Abe arrived at the Kingdom’s gates prepared prepared to participate in the festival’s events. With supreme confidence in his athletic skills coupled with his natural talent for presentation and showmanship, he checked his weapons at the gate, parted ways with his fellows performers and headed towards The Feats of Strength competition.

The four adventurers entered the competition as the lone representatives of Fallthorne. Victor and Abe were paired against one another, beginning the event. Abe greeted the crowd bare chested, with gleaming and “cut” muscles. In an act of supreme confidence, Abe positioned himself directly against the circle’s edge, bringing a group of “oohs” and “ahhs” from the admiring crowd. A seasoned tactician, Victor couldn’t help exploiting his clear advantage and exploded into Abe’s space, knocking him out of the ring and disqualifying him. Surprised and ashamed, Abe collected his dignity and quietly exited the arena. The crowd was entertained next with the great shoving match of Fallthorne, when Denon was paired against young Merrin Leaffoot. Following a series of pushes and face slaps, Merrin use his supreme agility to trip up and eventually knock Denon out of the ring. The Feats of Strength event winner would be determined by sheer force as Victor and Merrin squared off in the final match. Though Merrin’s acrobatic tactics, proved troublesome for Victor, hand-to-hand combat pushed Victor through to the winner’s podium.



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